Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala

Our work on the project began in late 2003 with preparation of a master plan for a new marina and cruise ship destination in Puerto Quetzal, on the west coast of Guatemala. We managed construction of the marina facility, which was completed within two months of our initial meeting with our client. Floating docks were delivered from Canada while other construction supplies were mobilized from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Houston, Texas.

What began as a renewal project at two ports, Puerto Quetzal and Puerto Izabal, has evolved into a comprehensive master plan comprising projects on the Caribbean and Pacific coast and a design strategy intended to capture the essence of Guatemala's Mayan and colonial Spanish cultures. The projects are designed to serve the needs of both the evolving breed of traveler and the locals in an effort to carve out some of the most authentic travel experiences in Central America.


Exploring Opportunities in Tourism

Guatemala offers everything you search for in an ideal destination: Culture, adventure, watersports, handcraft shops and much more. CSD traveled to Guatemala and explored many places of interest and published a booklet describing excursions that really show this great country. Coastal Systems Development, Inc.